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EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE: The Combat Ready MMA fight shorts by Lonspire Sports feature a 100% Polyester fabric treated with a TRX-Nylon that can be stretched out to an extreme level, for increased comfort and mobility.

INSANELY DURABLE: The GHS Grappler MMA shorts are made from ultra-durable fabric that is perfect for competing or training in MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, Grappling, Wrestling Cross-Training, Mixed Martial Arts and Workouts.

SUTBORNLY FIT: These cage ready MMA Shorts feature a unique 2-way advanced GEEYO enclosure, non-slip waistband, 4 way stretch fabric and flex panels that offer snugness at Par excellence.These MMA shorts feature a comfortable waistband that won’t bunch.

EXCEPTIONALLY STRECHABLE: The Pro Series MMA shorts are made of durable Poly Fabric treated with Nylon and have stretch panels on the side and inseam lining for maximum durability and extended comfort.

INCREDABLY IMPRESSIVE: Ergonomically designed these Shorts are perfect for those who want a simple and refined design in MMA shorts.


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